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Human Resources Blog

  CARS Recon. continues to be a leader in the auto reconditioning industry when it comes to employee benefits. Have you had a chance to check out what CARS offers? All full-time employees are eligible after the first 60 days for United Health Care medical insurance, Delta […]

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Safety First Article

“Safety First is Safety Always!!” I borrowed the statement above from a CARS employee. I believe that statement is something we should live by. If we start our day thinking about safety first, then we practice safety always. It is that time of year again, cold weather […]

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Safety should be as routine as brushing your teeth!

When we wake up in the morning we have a routine right? Alarm goes off, get up, take a shower, brush your teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast; you know what I mean.  Your safety at work should be the same way: arrive at work, put on your […]

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A New Experience

Hello to all, This is a bit of a new experience for me as quite frankly, I don’t know what a blog is or what it should be. Every morning, I hear about it on the news that our president has issued a blog, but I must […]

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