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CARS Recon. continues to be a leader in the auto reconditioning industry when it comes to employee benefits. Have you had a chance to check out what CARS offers? All full-time employees are eligible after the first 60 days for United Health Care medical insurance, Delta Dental and a comprehensive vision plan. These benefits are not only affordable but are able to cover your spouse and children too! Through a weekly payroll deduction, you and your family will have the security that you have a solid medical, dental and vision coverage when you need it.

Furthering the commitment to all full-time employees (at least one year of service), CARS offers a generous 401K retirement savings program. With a quick enrollment process and a weekly payroll deduction, you can begin to save for retirement. I know what you are thinking… RETIREMENT!? That’s many years away, and I need my entire paycheck now! We totally understand and that’s why CARS provides several levels of deductions that will not only keep money in your pocket but also allow you to contribute to your retirement plan. The 401K plan is setup so CARS will match a % amount of what you contribute. Talk about free money!

To learn more about our CARS Medical Benefits and your 401k Retire Savings Plan, please contact the HR Team!

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