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Managers Docs

1st Quarter Newsletter 20141.4 MiB87
1st Quarter Newsletter 20152.6 MiB526
1st Quarter Newsletter 20168.2 MiB887
1st Quarter Newsletter 2016 (Spanish)8.1 MiB850
2018 Safety Manual - English0.6 MiB126
2018 Safety Manual - Spanish5.2 MiB106
2nd Quarter 2015 Newsletter (Spanish)7.7 MiB215
2nd Quarter Newsletter 20140.9 MiB74
2nd Quarter Newsletter 20157.7 MiB287
2nd Quarter Newsletter 20167.4 MiB505
2nd Quarter Newsletter 2016 (Spanish)7.3 MiB797
3rd Quarter Newsletter 20140.9 MiB74
3rd Quarter Newsletter 2014 (Spanish)0.9 MiB68
ADESA Contract Maintenance Responsibilities - BODY & PAINT20 KiB70
ADESA Contract Maintenance Responsibilities-DETAIL SHOP 05 12 1825 KiB86
Basic Fire Prevention0.4 MiB114
CARS 2021-2022 Benefit Guide English0 B69
CARS 2021-2022 Benefit Guide Spanish0 B52
CARS Employee-Referral-Bonus-Flyer-ENG0 B17
CARS Employee-Referral-Bonus-Flyer-SPA0 B29
CARS Safety Incentive Program Poster0.3 MiB111
CARS-Recon-Handbook Revised 9.20200 B176
CARS-Recon-Handbook SPANISH 20200 B48
Chemical Hazards0.4 MiB156
Clean Car Tips - Safety Products0.3 MiB118
COBRA Enrollment Guide0.2 MiB73
COBRA Participant Guide1.7 MiB56
Contact List On Sharepoint2 KiB94
Dangers of Carbon Monoxide0.5 MiB106
Dealing With Work Stress0.4 MiB115
Direct Deposit Form 201942 KiB79
Electrical Hazards0.4 MiB112
Employee Website Access Updated SPANISH93 KiB45
Employee Website Access UPDATED34 KiB62
Foul Weather Driving 111320172.4 MiB110
Good Housekeeping Practices0.4 MiB129
Handbook Acknowledgement Form - 20200 B32
Horseplay0.4 MiB99
July CARS Newsletter0.9 MiB65
Newsletter 1st Edition NEW Logo1.4 MiB54
Overtime and Undertime for Piece Rate40 KiB137
Reducing Risk Of Heart Attack4.6 MiB102
Revised BODY SHOP Daily Inspection Checklist42 KiB62
Revised DETAIL SHOP Daily Inspection Checklist (1)44 KiB71
Revised DETAIL SHOP Monthly Inspection Checklist (formatted)42 KiB76
Revised DETAIL SHOP Weekly Inspection Checklist (formatted)42 KiB71
Revised MECHANIC SHOP Daily Inspection Checklist42 KiB39
Right Attitude Toward Safety0.4 MiB141
Safe Lifting Basics0.4 MiB152
Safety Audit - per ADESA - Detail and Body Shop Forms2.7 MiB189
Safety Audit Report Template56 KiB120
Seat Belts2.2 MiB91
State Specific Handbook Policies Revised 4.20210 B59
State Specific Handbook Policies SPANISH Revised 4.20210 B36
Third Quarter Newsletter20.9 MiB53
Third Quarter SPANISH Newsletter20.9 MiB51
Video - Eyewear and Eye Injury Prevention0 B400
Video - What Causes Accidents0.2 MiB397
Workplace Violence0.4 MiB112
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