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Safety First Article

“Safety First is Safety Always!!”

I borrowed the statement above from a CARS employee. I believe that statement is something we should live by. If we start our day thinking about safety first, then we practice safety always.

It is that time of year again, cold weather is fast approaching. It is a good time for everyone to review your locations procedures for the winter months. We have several new employees who haven’t worked the winter months with us. We need to keep them in the loop on how to know if the shop is closed due to bad weather. These are a few of the questions you need be asking everyone at the shop.

  1. How do procedures differ in the winter months?
  2. Proper attire in shop for winter months?
  3. Do you have any shop preparations for winter that should be done?
  4. Do you have snow shovels?
  5. Salt for the ice on the floor of the shop, the lanes coming into and exiting the shop?

Remember we should NEVER have a car running inside the shop, so employees should wear proper clothing to keep warm and not rely on the heaters in the vehicles. Vehicles shouldn’t be running due to the possibility of carbon dioxide poisoning when all bay doors are closed.

After visiting several locations and looking over our Observation Checklist, here are a few safety issues I have seen in the past few weeks:

  1. Moving cars while hoods, trunks or doors are open
  2. Horns not being honked while moving vehicles.

The reasons for both issues are simple, it is not safe! If doors are open while pushing a car and it hits an object such as a pole or a person, lot damage or injury is possible. If hoods are open, they could block the view of the person in the driver’s seat. They could potentially hit something or the hood could slam shut and cause the windshield to shatter.

If the trunk is open while people are pushing the car into the shop, the trunk could slam down. This could injure the employee’s hands or head or even cause damage to the vehicle. Honking horns prior to moving a car forward could prevent an injury. When a horn is honked, this signals to people in the area that a car is being moved. When you hear a honk, be aware of your location and move out of the way of the vehicle.  Remember that safety is everyone’s responsibility!

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