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You are by far our most valuable asset. And we care more about your safety more than anything else. That’s why we spend so much time on training and safety procedures. Sometimes it might seem like we go a little over the top, but it’s only to keep you and your co-workers safe.

While we spend a lot of time thinking about and preaching safety, it’s true that safety is everyone’s job. We encourage you to review the materials below to understand our procedures and why you just can’t pay too much attention, because no one wants to get injured on the job, right?

The National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) encourages all employees to be safety-certified with their “Safe T. Sam” training program, which is offered on their website.

The percentage of CARS Recon Leadership employees (Corporate, Regional and Location Managers, and Administration) who have currently completed this program is listed below. Congratulations!


If you are a CARS Recon Line Associate, Paint and Body Technician, or Mechanic, and you want to be Safe T. Sam certified, just speak to your Manager. We would love to have every employee certified!


Safety Documents

2018 Safety Manual - English0.6 MiB126
2018 Safety Manual - Spanish5.2 MiB106
Basic Fire Prevention0.4 MiB114
CARS Safety Incentive Program Poster0.3 MiB111
Chemical Hazards0.4 MiB156
Clean Car Tips - Safety Products0.3 MiB118
Dangers of Carbon Monoxide0.5 MiB106
Dealing With Work Stress0.4 MiB115
Electrical Hazards0.4 MiB112
Foul Weather Driving 111320172.4 MiB110
Good Housekeeping Practices0.4 MiB129
Horseplay0.4 MiB99
Reducing Risk Of Heart Attack4.6 MiB102
Right Attitude Toward Safety0.4 MiB141
Safe Lifting Basics0.4 MiB152
Safety Audit - per ADESA - Detail and Body Shop Forms2.7 MiB189
Safety Audit Report Template56 KiB120
Seat Belts2.2 MiB91
Video - Eyewear and Eye Injury Prevention0 B400
Video - What Causes Accidents0.2 MiB397
Workplace Violence0.4 MiB112


We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication! Thank you for a job well done!



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